about yoga at the office

about yoga at the office

We provide qualified teachers for your office to fit your schedule and needs. Classes can be 30-60 minutes during lunch or before/after work. No clothing change, GYM or mats are necessary. Classes can take place at the desk or in conference rooms.


Over the years many of my clients have come to me with chronic problems brought on specifically by the ergonomic challenges of their office environment. It only makes sense to treat these symptoms at their core. That is why I came up with "Yoga at the office", a unique system designed to address daily office generated pain. An hour of yoga during your day can change your life.



Reza Ebrahimi

Humbly a student of yoga forever…

• Our goal is to strengthen the mind, body and soul of your employees for good health, happiness and a better life


• We create a fun, communal, and welcoming environment for employees so they feel comfortable with their practice


• We are able to teach all levels and ages. Providing personal attention to all in small to large groups


• We are passionate and professional instructors with over 10 years of teaching experience at studios, gyms, and businesses


• We work with many clients including premier sports clubs and companies. ( Equinox, Crunch, Gold’s Gym, Federal Reserve Bank, Model N, Credo Mobile, Good Lunch, etc.)

contact: 415 691 7540

info [ at ] yogaattheoffice [ dot ] com