why yoga at the office?



  • It works!
  • It’s convenient to have “Yoga at the office”
  • It’s an investment in your employees
  • It shows your employees that you care
  • It creates a sense of community
  • It reduces work-related injuries
  • It improves productivity

Yoga has been proven for 5000 years and what better system to include in a busy office environment. Office work, repetitive motion and prolonged sitting was not nature’s intention as part of the human design and evolution. Stress and static position puts strain on the whole body which leads to numerous emotional and physical disorders like; anxiety, depression, anger, fatigue, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, as well as back, neck and shoulder pain. If neglected, stress can significantly impact your ability to function effectively at work and greatly challenge your overall quality of life.


Yoga At The Office provides your employees with a safe means to relax, ease tension and aches, while gently building strength to withstand the demands of long periods in static positions.

contact: 415 691 7540

info [ at ] yogaattheoffice [ dot ] com

“We at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco have enjoyed Reza Ebrahimi's teachings for the past two years.  His offerings have helped to provide an opportunity for our employees to enjoy a mental and physical departure from the stress and the sluggishness of sitting down at work all day long.”


Robert F.



"Very few teachers know how to lead a mixed-level class that really works for everyone. Somehow, Reza manages to create an atmosphere that works across all levels. While he always presents opportunities for students to challenge themselves, he’s also sincerely dedicated to maintaining a safe environment."


Iran N. CREDO Mobile



"I have 2 little kids and no time for exercise before or after work.  Having a class in the office at lunchtime is what makes it possible for me to do yoga during the week!  It’s a great class, and gets me moving after a morning spent sitting at my desk.  The class has made me stronger, more flexible, and gives my brain a break during the day.  I leave the class alert, relaxed and hungry for my late lunch!"


Natasha R. Federal Reserve Bank